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Anandghar Fellowship Anandghar Fellowship

Who we are looking for?

"If we want to reach real peace in the world, we should start educating our children" - Mahatma Gandhi

UNICEF estimates that there are almost 11 million street children in India. These are children who live / works on the streets to earn livelihood for themselves and for their families. They are exploited and victimized at various stages. Only sustained efforts backed with determination in a proper way will help to resolve this problem.
We are looking for young graduates who are ready to walk on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi, who are ready to challenge themselves, who are ready to learn and explore different aspects of the education system and the ones who have willingness to go beyond academics.
Anandghar fellowship is an opportunity for all those who wants to use their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the poorest of the poor. It will take you to an most memorable and satisfying journey of 2 years of your life.

Our Selection Process

Stage I - The Application Form

The application form is an opportunity for us to get to know you. It can be as detailed as you want it to be. But at the same time, we will encourage you to be specific, clear and honest while writing your application form. Through the application, we will understand why you want to join Vardhishnu and why you would be a strong fit for the Fellowship. Kindly note that incomplete application forms will not be considered for the evaluation.

Stage II - The Phone Interview

After we have reviewed your application form, we may have some additional questions for you. If so, you will be invited to attend a 30-minute phone interview with one of our team members. Here we will ask follow-up questions to gain further information that will be helpful in our evaluation.

Stage III - The Personal Interview

If successful in your application, you will be invited to the final stage of our selection process an in-person. Here you will attend a day long workshop where you will take part in a group discussion and complete a short problem-solving activity. You will also have an hour-long personal interview with one of our team members.


DEADLINE: 15th Aug 2023 If you have any questions
Contact us on : Abhishek : 8805293142 / Khyati : 9870059386

Download Fellowship Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Please download application form from www.vardhishnu.org to apply for the Fellowship.

  • Minimum Qualification:One must hold Bachelors Degree for recognized college / University.
  • Age:Must be between 21 – 35 years old.
  • Commitment & Location:Fellowship is full time, paid commitment to teaching at low-income private schools and community learning centers in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra.  Fellows will be full-time staff of the Vardhishnu and will be required to attend all necessary trainings and workshops arranged by the organization. 

Kindly note that Vardhishnu does not discriminate its fellows on the basis of race, religion, cast, community, creed, geography, ethnical beliefs, socio-economical status etc.  

  • Anandghar Fellowship will give you an opportunity to explore that part of the society which you might not experience in your whole life. It will put you in situations where you will challenge yourself We ensure you that it will be a most memorable, enriching journey of 2 years for you.

  • We are looking at young graduates who are passionate about children, education and would like to challenge themselves.

  • At Vardhishnu, we believe that minimum two-years of commitment is necessary to see the impact we expect on student achievement. Therefore the duration of the fellowship is 2 years subject to fellow performance.

  • Anandghar fellows will be paid a fellowship / salary of Rs. 10000 per month.

  • Accommodation to the selected fellows will be provided by the organization

  • Astrophysics
  • Informatics
  • Criminology
  • Economics

  • Fellows will teach classroom of mixed grades and age. Medium of instruction will be in Marathi.

  • Fellows will be placed in low-income private schools as well as in community learning centers currently running in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra.

  • No - while a degree in Education is helpful, we don’t think it is essential for someone to have a formal degree in Education to be an effective educator. But applicant must hold graduation degree in any stream.

  • Yes, all appropriate govt. taxes will apply.
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