How we assess our impact:
The emphasis is on making small positive behavioral and emotional changes through Anandghar education. These changes could be personal or in peers. Any such change in positive direction is a victory for us and for that child as well. Through out the year we assess our program in following ways, but at the same time we strive hard to make sure that the process of evalution remains joyful for children.


  • •Baseline , midline & endline data of every child
  • •Separate dossier for each child
  • • Observations by their tutors
  • •Test papers (Every month) to check academic progress

Impact Indicators:

  • •School enrollment status
  • •Sustenance in the schools
  • •Indicators to measure scholastic growth
  • •Monthly updated by visiting concerned school
  • •Medical Check-ups: to understand changes in health status
  • •Number of children passing out school education
  • •Reduction in child labor
  • •Reduction in substance abuse
  • •Continous comprehensive evaluation to understand behavioural changes


We Have Been Steadily Working With More And More Children Each Year.