Operational Aspects:

Vardhishnu started its actually working in January 2014 with one community learning centre, called ‘Anandghar’ which is a core program of Vardhishnu. Slowly as work of Vardhishnu started expanding we initiated running 2 other programs mentioned as below:

  1. Anandghar (A Home of Happiness)
  2. Expansion Anandghar
  3. Teachers’ Training Workshop

Details of these initiatives are as follows:

a)Anandghar (A Home of Happiness):

The idea is to provide basic formal & informal education and skills to child waste pickers as well as out-of-school children and make them capable of joining main stream schools to cope with the learning process in the school. It is achieved through Informal Community Learning Centers ‘Anandghar’ which acts as a bridge between the children who had never gone to school or those who dropped out of schools and the main stream schools. Activities and programs are designed carefully to make the expected impact.

Current Status:
5 Educators, 3 Community Learning Centres with 125+children & 1 Centre in Juvenile Observation Home with 40+ children.

b)Expansion Anandghar:

At Vardhishnu, we strongly believe that the problem of out of children will only get resolved when different individuals, institutions & initiative will come together and create an eco-system which will ensure that every single child is getting enrolled into the schools and receiving quality education. The ‘Expansion Anandghar’ is a step towards achieving this goal

Through this endeavor we are trying to collaborate with individuals, institution & initiative working in Maharashtra. Though they all will work as an independent agency they will adopt our model of bridge course / community learning center in their working. We provide them with necessary training, action plan and resources. We also closely monitor their progress with regular follow-ups through phone calls and field visits.

Active partnerships:

Chahardi Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Chopada (Group of schools in Chopada Taluq of Jalgaon district).

SAAD Foundation, Chalisgaon Taluq of Jalgaon district. ( 2 Educators & 40 children)

Niramay Vikas Kendra, Sawantwadi Konkan area (6 Educators & 35 children)

c)Teachers’ Training Workshop:

The basic idea of these workshops is to let the school staff understand the problems of out-of-school children, what we could do to make sure that these children will join and sustain in the schools. It also touches the aspects of activity based learning, continuous comprehensive evaluation and how to use different tools for effective results. The workshops are usually a day long but tailored as per the need and demand.

D) Saksham – Stitching for Dignified Life

The idea is to generate sustainable livelihood for female waste pickers & women from underpriviledge background. In the first phase we have started sewing cloth bags with the help of 7 women.