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The Problem

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which was ratified by India in 1992, all children have fundamental rights which must be recognized by governments and citizens alike. These rights includes, Right to Survival (to be born, food, shelter & clothing, life with dignity, healthcare), Right to Protection (From violence, neglect, physical & sexual abuse and drugs), Right to Participation (Freedom of opinion, expression, association, information, participate in decision making which directly involvethem) & Right to Development (Education, Learn, Relax & Play, emotional, mental, phisical.

Every hour 6 child abuse cases are reported.

- The National Crime Rcord Bureu 2019

At Vardhishnu, we believes that every child deserves a safe, secure and happy childhood irrespective of the socio-economical condition in which they are born. We believe in giving every children a fair chance to stand up and take control of their life to live a life with dignity.

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